Seeding bold engineers




Root is the superuser in a *nix based system, capable of doing anything, and we love eliminating barriers.

Like Tree roots.

While out of sight, roots are an important source of growth. It’s how we choose to operate - never on the front page, always helping behind the scenes.

Our own roots.

Root is run by engineers. Everyone on the team has spent time in the engineering, development, or strategy side of a business just like yours.

* Apparently in Australia they find the name of our fund hilarious.

Why work with US?


We're (over)eager to help.
Call / Text / Email / IPoAC anytime. Being an early stage startup can be lonely, and you can't possibly do everything. We have a team of founders and entrepreneurs excited to share their experience.

We're your first employee—free of charge.
You got funded. Now it’s time to build a team. From finding a lawyer to reviewing code, to chatting strategy over beer (homebrewed, of course) or coffee (pulled on our hacked espresso machine, of course).

We don’t wait for others to invest.
We invest early, before your market is validated, while everyone else is wondering if your tech will even work. We do anything we can to help you feel ready, early.

Willingness to lead.
We are willing to commit in big ways. We don’t write small checks to a hundred companies; we invest in six to eight companies per year, and are happy to lead or follow in your first institutional round.

No one knows your business better than you.
Even with all the assistance and resources we provide, we invest in entrepreneurs, first and foremost. It’s your business to run, and we're only here to back you up.





Avidan Ross

Managing Partner
Avidan is the Founding Partner of Root Ventures. Previously, he designed industrial robotics for Food Network's kitchens and was CTO of CIM Group, where he focused on industrial investing, and worked as an embedded application developer at Excite@Home. Avidan has a BA in Computer Science from Columbia University.


Chrissy meyer

Chrissy has spent the past decade developing and shipping hardware as an engineering manager at Apple and Square. She was a founding team member at Pearl Automation, a vehicle technology startup. Chrissy has an MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford and a BSEE from Rose-Hulman.


Kane Hsieh

Before joining Root Ventures, Kane was founder and Head of Product at Brilliant Bicycle Co. He has also worked as an early-stage investor at RRE Ventures, a software engineer at Romotive, and a Project Manager at Microsoft. Kane has an AB in Computer Science from Harvard.


Lee Edwards

Lee was most recently CTO at Teespring. Previously, Lee was a mechanical engineer at iRobot, a software engineer at Pivotal Labs, Lead Engineer at SideTour (acquired by Groupon in 2013), and engineering manager for GrouponLive. He graduated from Olin College of Engineering with a degree in Systems Engineering.


Laelah reino

Operations Manager
Laelah has spent over 15 years in marketing for films, consumer products, and subscription-based services. Laelah Reino has a BA in Business Administration with a Marketing concentration from Drexel University.



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