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When we’re not soldering, writing firmware, 3D printing, developing slackbots, or machining in our SF workshop, we debate the future of autonomous manufacturing and wireless communication. We also build custom espresso machines for fun. We are a hard-tech, seed-stage venture fund, and we’ve been investing in the hardest hard tech since 2012.

Our five oldest seed investments:

We work at the intersection between engineering & business strategy. We obsess about the latest technologies, and how they will change industries. This is not an engineering job. This is not a strategy consulting job. It’s definitely not an investment banking job—more like chaotic space in between all of them. As member of the Root Ventures team, you will think about new technical developments and their business applications at the deepest levels. Empathy is essential, as you will be a part of every twist and turn our entrepreneurs go through, sharing in their pain, elation, disappointment, and success.

Your role will include identifying and analyzing potential investment opportunities, meeting with founders, conducting due diligence, performing market research and competitive analysis, supporting existing portfolio companies, and strengthening our network through hosting and attending events. You will act as a key stakeholder in every investment decision, and your input will be invaluable in shaping our investment thesis.

Everyone on the Root Ventures team, through both their education and professional experience, has a deeply technical background. We’ve worked in roles spanning enterprise IT, embedded systems, high-volume consumer hardware, and robotics. More importantly, we are technical as a passion, not a chore: we’re probably the only VC with a tools & materials stipend for employees.

We are looking for investment professionals at multiple levels of experience. The ideal candidate is willing to wade into the muck, deftly analyze the most complex of markets, and discover industry-changing entrepreneurs. Come for the professional growth; stay for the hacking on fun hardware and software projects!

Sound like a place where you'd excel? Please forward a resume and a short note (include any hobbies and side projects!) to