Root is the superuser in a *nix based system, capable of doing anything, and we love eliminating barriers.

Like Tree roots.

While out of sight, roots are an important source of growth. It’s how we choose to operate - never on the front page, always helping behind the scenes.

Our own roots.

Root is run by engineers. Everyone on the team has spent time in the engineering, development, or strategy side of a business just like yours.

* Don’t ask an Australian. Apparently in Australia they find the name of our fund hilarious.

Why work with US?


Eagerness to help.
Call / Text / Email / IPoAC anytime. Being an early stage startup can be lonely, and you aren’t expected to know everything. We have a team of founders and entrepreneurs excited to help.

The invisible employee.
You got funded. Now it’s time to build a team. We are your first employee, free of charge. We help wherever it’s needed, from finding a lawyer to code review… and when it’s not, we’re happy to chat strategy over beer (homebrewed) or coffee (pulled on our hacked machine).

We don’t wait for others to invest.
We invest early, before your market is validated, and while everyone else is wondering if your tech will even work. We do code review, design review, and anything else we can to feel ready early.

Sector commitment.
You have committed to work on a single idea and company, the least we can do is commit to investing in a sector. We are not generalists.

Willingness to lead.
We are willing to commit in big ways. We don’t write $50k checks into 100 companies. We invest in 6-8 companies per year, and are happy to lead or follow in your first institutional round.

No one knows your business better than you.
Even with all the assistance and resources we provide, we invest in entrepreneurs. It’s your business to run, and we are here to support you.